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Breville BES860XL

Breville BES860XL
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Our Rating: Breville BES860XL Rating 4.5 Best Espresso Machine Review The Breville BES860XL is an advanced coffee maker featuring programmable operations that allow the users to transform beans to great cups of coffee within
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The Breville BES860XL is an advanced coffee maker featuring programmable operations that allow the users to transform beans to great cups of coffee within 2 minutes only. There are 2 options available; you can go for no hassle completely as the coffee machine will do all the hard works for you or simply choose the manual mechanism to put your skill to the test. Breville BES860XL is very simple from the outside, but compiles great capabilities in one appliance only. The machine is easy to use yet it provides the chance to learn and dig deeper about the secrets of coffee making to improve your experience.


Breville BES860XL Learn to Go Professional

Breville BES860XL Barista ExpressAs mentioned in the previous passage, the Breville BES860XL is equipped with either programmable or hassle-free coffee making or the manual process. Dual wall to create more pressures in the coffee ground will be the best thing available if you are a beginner. The appliance will take any necessary step to produce the taste of coffee that you have always wanted for long. For the manual process, single wall or non-pressurized system, will require you to bring out all the knowledge about tamping and grind. Normally, with the automatic process, the best quality coffee is already available; however, it is possible that you are an enthusiastic learner who needs the best tool to study with or some cups of coffee for comparison. In the automatic process, the coffee ground will be taken inside the unit to encounter the burr grinder with sophisticated controlling procedures. Dual wall will as well improve the quality by fully extracting the beans for optimum taste.

Breville BES860XL Easy to Start

Logically, the single wall option will not provide you the same benefits. It depends on your skill and perhaps, you can create such a distinguishable nice tasting coffee to impress some fellows. In either option, everything is very easy to start. The package already includes the quick start guide and some other accessories. Perhaps, if not certainly, you will be surprised on how few the units needed to assemble the complete appliance. Coming along with the Breville BES860XL, there are four filters, cleaning kit, tamper, portafilter and aluminum steam cup.

Not only for assembly, the cleaning up is also difficulty-free. All essential parts exposed to all the materials for grinding (water, steam, milk, bean, etc) are easily taken off for cleaning procedure. Both manual and automatic processing is as easy as switching. If you need instant cups of coffee without too many thoughts, simply choose for the dual wall mechanism and the machine will make some best cups of coffee for you anytime.

Breville BES860XL Features and Specifications

  • 15-bar pump: made in Italia
  • Thermo block system
  • Removable water tank
  • Manual and programmable process
  • Dual wall or pressurized mechanism
  • Single wall for manual coffee making
  • Cleaning kit included
  • Storage compartment
  • Product dimensions are: 11.5-inch x 14.5-inch x 13.2-inch

Breville BES860XL Customer Reviews and Scores

The Breville BES860XL has compiled as many as 111 customer reviews so far at Amazon. The average rating calculated from the entire feedbacks is 4+ stars from the available five. In general, the unit is an advanced coffee maker by making available the manual processing procedures. The single wall or non-pressurized mechanism allows the users to develop and learn many skills to improve the taste and quality of the coffee resulted. The dual wall processes never fails o produce great coffee. The unit almost has no drawback; the machine is perfect in the price range. Indeed, a customer reports leaking in the tank after some months of the purchase; however, the customer service is another great feature from Breville BES860XL, the company even replaced the old unit with the brand new one. Considering all the benefits and the company’s respond to complains, Breville BES860XL can never do wrong.

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