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Breville ESP8XL

Breville ESP8XL
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Our Rating: Breville ESP8XL Rating 4 Best Espresso Machine Review The Breville ESP8XL has included all the good features from modern coffee machines with the addition of classic touch from the stainless steel materials
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The Breville ESP8XL has included all the good features from modern coffee machines with the addition of classic touch from the stainless steel materials wrapping the design. Not only that it provides the users great cups of coffee everyday, but it also delivers visual treatment in the kitchen. Not only the ESP8XL includes 15-bar pump, but the pump can also maintain the pressure along the process for the optimum result. Just like many products from Breville, the unit is as well equipped with dual wall system to provide backpressure to the coffee ground. The bursts of hot water provided by the pump force the bean to bring out the entire qualities that they have to the exposing water. Your cups will be filled with a complete taste of processed beans for maximum satisfaction.


Breville ESP8XL Classy

Breville ESP8XL Cafe RomaA first glance, you will never stop admiring the Breville ESP8XL. The unit is wrapped in such a shiny and classy stainless steel to attract all the looking eyes. Probably, Breville ESP8XL is one of the best-designed coffee machines that you will ever encounter in the market. Equipped with many accessories such as the 15-bar pump, removable water reservoir, water window, the appliance seems to be dressed in the most beautiful dress. All of the equipped accessories do not only enhance the appearance, but also for the sake of the taste. All of them are working with their own functions perfectly to provide the best taste possibly created.

You may also be surprised about how easy to use is the Breville ESP8XL. The removable water tank is attached with water window to tell you the amount of water left inside the unit. The capacity, which is 40 ounce, is going to be more than enough to serve everybody in the family. You would not need to go refilling as often as with the normal coffee machine so that you can just sit back and enjoy the coffee. Users love that the coffee is served hot; the machine is completed with warming plate to prevent the coffee from being cooled too soon. The package even includes a set of stainless steel espresso cups as additional accessories.

Breville ESP8XL Taste and Quality

The quality of the espresso resulted from the process has been tested. Since the type of such drink is originated from Italia, a country with great coffee culture, a comparison is made with the one resulted from famous Italian brand. Surprisingly, Breville ESP8XL makes a comparable product. Of course, you will need to make some manual adjustment for the settings; Breville ESP8XL is not a full automatic machine that does all the works for you. However, manual settings are easily done; every possible adjustment is available from in front of the unit using the rotary dial.

Breville ESP8XL Features and Specification

  • Thermo block pump
  • Dual-wall system to produce backpressure for full coffee ground extraction
  • More than 40 ounce water reservoir capacity
  • Completed with water window to inform the amount of water left inside the tank
  • Removable drip tray
  • Easy to clean up
  • Stainless steel materials with classy look
  • The package includes a set of stainless steel espresso cup
  • Product dimensions are 9-inch x 9-inch x 12-inch
  • Attached with 1–year warranty

Breville ESP8XL Customer Reviews and Scores

The Breville ESP8XL has compiled as many as 212 customer reviews so fat at Amazon with the average rating of four stars from the available five. In general, the unit is a very nice looking coffee machine with nice features to impress you. There might be a problem of leaking in the filter, but as long as you keep it clean, the problem will never come by. With its great appearance and capabilities, the Breville ESP8XL can be the best investment you will make. (read more reviews…)

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