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Capresso C1500

Capresso C1500
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Our Rating: Capresso C1500 Rating 4 Best Espresso Machine Review Capresso C1500 is an automatic espresso and coffee maker you would need if you and your family have a habit of having a cup
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Capresso C1500 is an automatic espresso and coffee maker you would need if you and your family have a habit of having a cup of coffee every morning. Starting a day, anyway, can be done by anything –it depends on how you would want your day become. One of the best and common ways to start a day (especially those who are living a modern life), having a cup of coffee or coffee-based beverages is the most preferable way to start a spirited and good-mood day. Buying a cup of coffee or espresso in a coffee shop is indeed a preferable option. Yet, if you want to have coffee with your family every morning, you had better make the coffee by yourself. And to do it, you are going to need a coffee or espresso maker machine.


Specification/Technical Detail of Capresso C1500

There are now many coffee and espresso makers out there; these makers come in various brands, models, and features as well. One of them is Capresso C1500, and this is a machine espresso that we recommend. Yet first, you have got to learn more about the technical information or specification of this coffee machine. Here goes.

  • This espresso maker comes with a rather large size. The dimension measurement of this product is 20.6×17.3×15.3 inches –so yes, it is slightly larger than most coffee maker. For this reason, this product is manly suitable for house or apartment (or office) with large kitchen.
  • Besides large size, it also has a slightly heavier weight than most coffee makers.
  • Capresso C1500 is made of stainless steel, which means that it is durable. For this reason, you do not have to worry about buying a new coffee maker in a short period of time. Besides, the stainless steel exterior makes the coffee maker looks stylish. So if you want your kitchen looks elegant and sophisticated, this coffee maker makes a great choice.
  • This coffee maker is available in one color option only: silver stainless steel. So you do not have much opportunity to create particular kitchen atmosphere with this one.
  • For newbie, this product is preferable because it has a rather simple control panel. Besides, there is a user manual equipped along with the product’s package.
  • Along with the package is a 6-month office use warranty –means that you get the warranty if you use the coffee machine in the office; not in your house.
Capresso C1500

Features Detail of Capresso C1500

Compare to other coffee machines, Capresso C1500 is much more suitable because it is equipped with various features (that are dealing with coffee-making, of course.

  • This machine is equipped with illuminated 2-loine dialog system. This is a system you would want every coffee maker to have, mainly because it displays the concise instructions. This is a feature you will need as a newbie coffee maker (or if you are a newbie barista in a café).
  • Solid-steel conical burr grinder is another feature this product comes with –the grinder is equipped with 6 settings. With six setting it has, this coffee maker is flexible when it is being used to make coffee, espresso, or cappuccino.
  • Besides the grinder that is made of solid steel, this one is also featuring ThermoBlock unit that is lined with stainless steel. This feature also contributes for the machine’s performance.
  • Capresso C1500 is equipped with integrates pure-water system. This system or feature is meant to improve the taste of the coffee by cleaning brewing water. In other words, it will feel like making coffee or cappuccino or espresso with pure water.
  • Besides pure-water system, it has also got FrothXpress system. This feature is meant to froth and steam unlimited amounts of milk.

What the Customers Say

There are at least three things you have to read before really shopping for a coffee maker; in this case is Capresso C1500. Things you have to read are the specification or technical detail, features, and also customers’ review. You would need to read reviews from customers because it helps you out to learn more about the overall quality of the product. About the coffee maker we are talking about, customers seem to like the product because of mostly positive reviews this machine receives. Customers mentioned that all coffee-making features work well. Regardless of the large dimension, this machine makes delicious coffee. Because of the mostly positive reviews, customers gave an almost-perfect five-star rating for this coffee machine.

Few Cons of Capresso C1500

There are few cons you have to deal with when shopping for the coffee machine.

  • The main drawback of this coffee maker is its size. As mentioned previously, this product is larger than most coffee makers. For this reason, you are going to need a larger space in your kitchen to put the machine. Besides, due to its size, this machine is only suitable for large kitchen.
  • The weight is also heavier, in which you are recommended to put the machine in a permanent place.

Aside from these few cons, you will love your Capresso C1500.

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