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Capresso EC100

Capresso EC100
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Our Rating: Capresso EC100 Rating 4 Best Espresso Machine Review The Capresso EC100 seems like the proper beginners’ tool to begin developing their artisanship; the build and design of the appliance are created to
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The Capresso EC100 seems like the proper beginners’ tool to begin developing their artisanship; the build and design of the appliance are created to serve the needs of countless coffee enthusiast who have just started experiencing the beauty of coffee brewing activities with great taste. At least, Capresso EC100 has two important details to help beginners to brew in the same way as professionals do. First, the dual froth design turns out to be very helpful in simplifying the whole processes. It does not matter that you like cappuccino or latte the best; the EC100 has prepared the necessary tool to help you improve the quality of the result. Second, thermo block system with stainless steel materials completes the heating process. Combining the mentioned features, Capresso EC100 is likely to be the most preferable coffee machine for cappuccino and latte lovers.


Capresso EC100 Innovation

Capresso EC100 Pump Espresso MachineThe popularity of Capresso brand began in 1994; almost all coffee equipments manufactured by the company have provided the great coffee taste for the enthusiasts. Besides this particular model, the company also made the MT500 and CoffeeTEAM, which have set the new standard of quality for many other reputable manufacturers. The innovative designs and functionality have been regarded as one of the bests. The award-winning Capresso finally came up with a decision to merge with Jura AG, another reputable company originated in Switzerland. Jura AG has started to deal in the business even longer than Capresso; the manufacturer was founded in 1931. The continuous development and improvement lead Jura AG to offer sophistication to all products it creates. Some important examples from Jura AG’s innovative inventions are energy saving coffee machines, one touch cappuccino buttons, LED display controls and more.

Capresso EC100 is the result of the combination of the merger; now they are called together as Jura-Capresso Inc. One of the most distinguishable features from Capresso EC100 is the addition of dual frother. Each of them is functioning with its own purpose, one for frothing and another for steaming.

Capresso EC100 Authentic Espresso

Besides the dual frother, the unit also includes some important innovations including the thermo block system and 15-bar pump. The two technologies offer the users to create the most authentic espresso taste from the extraction. The stainless steel materials used for the thermo block system have been known as a perfect heat retainers as well as keepers of the taste from extraction. Therefore, the coffee poured to your cups is full of taste, textures, and aroma. With the convenience provided by the dual frother, enjoy the varieties of coffee easily and quickly without sacrificing the overall quality. Capresso EC100 also has removable drip tray for easy cleaning procedures.

Capresso EC100 Features and Specifications

  • Thermo block system with stainless steel materials
  • 15-bar pump
  • Dual frother; each for cappuccino and latte
  • Removable water container
  • Separated frothing position for a complete ease
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Warming platform
  • Attached with 1-year warranty

Capresso EC100 Customer Reviews and Scores

The Capresso EC100 has compiled as many as four customer reviews so far at Amazon. The average rating provided by the entire feedbacks is four stars from the available five. In general, this model is a nice product from Jura-Capresso Inc. offering innovative dual frother design. Combined with thermo block system, the extraction result creates authentic espresso taste. Removable parts are equipped for easy cleaning and the 15-bar pump is as well very nice additions. The Capresso EC100 is in many ways a dependable and durable coffee machine perfect for beginners. The possibility to create varieties of coffee such as cappuccino and latte is nicely provided. The product nearly has no drawback; it would be perfect if the steamer wand were longer. Probably, you will need to add additional attachments to create the foam in anyway that you like. (read more reviews…)

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