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Delonghi EC270

Delonghi EC270
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Our Rating: Delonghi EC270 Rating 3.5 Best Espresso Machine Review The Delonghi EC270 is going to be another nice choice from the manufacturer featuring dual-filter system, 15-bar pump, ESE, and more. Never hesitate by
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The Delonghi EC270 is going to be another nice choice from the manufacturer featuring dual-filter system, 15-bar pump, ESE, and more. Never hesitate by judging yourself that you can never make café-quality espresso; now, you are provided with the Delonghi EC270, which is a very good tool to allow you brew some coffee ground with satisfying result. Not only that the coffee machine is able to create some cups of espresso, it is also able to make your café-grade lattes, cappuccinos, and many other types of coffee from your own very home. EC270 brings plenty of options from the Sempre Crema Filter to ESE (Easy Serving Espresso); all of them are probably the greatest ways that you have met so far from a coffee machine in the price range. Even better, the machine is equipped with self-priming mechanism; you will never have to put yourself in such a struggle to get everything ready in no time. As additional features, the Delonghi EC270 also includes two separate thermostats, adjustable frother, removable water tank, and more.


Delonghi EC270 Ready in Seconds

EC270 ReviewThe best thing of making cups of espresso using your personal coffee machine is that you do not have to rush to the café to accommodate the busy days. Nevertheless, some coffee machines fail to deliver the ease since you still need to prepare anything in the beginning of the process. Well, the Delonghi EC270 has featured a different perspective; instead of requiring you to prepare anything, the Delonghi EC270 is a self-priming coffee machine meaning that everything will be ready to roll within seconds. You have to admit that some amounts of caffeine are the best breakfast for some (if not most) people; in fact, you probably know some fellows who drink the second cup within ten minutes after the first. Therefore, the needs of instant coffee maker or coffee machine are greatly increasing. However, since the availability of such appliance is also improving, the features are as well in diversity. Delonghi EC270 has been dealing in the market for long enough to compile all the experiences in all the products; you may no longer doubt all the great capabilities that this coffee machine brings. Everything has been prepared for the designs, features, durability, versatility, and of course, the ease.

Delonghi EC270 the Build

The design of the EC270 model has been the result of continuous development from the company. The controls, body, and dimensions have been thought very carefully to determine the quality. All buttons required for the operation are designed in simplicity; every function is easily understood and even the unit itself is easy to store. The dimensions are given as follows: 208 mm W x 305 mm D x 325 mm H, it weighs 4.1kg. The water tanks holds 1 liter of water.

Delonghi EC270 Features and Specifications

  • Dual-filter system: each of them works independently for the specific purpose
  • Cappuccino System frother: a patented design for mixing milk and steam
  • Self-priming operation for hassle-free staring procedure
  • Two separate thermostats: each is independently controlled
  • Stainless steel boiler with 15-bar pump
  • Product dimensions are 208 mm W x 305 mm D x 325 mm H, it weighs 4.1kg
  • Sempre Crema Filter to ESE (Easy Serving Espresso)

Delonghi EC270 Customer Reviews and Scores

The Delonghi EC270 has compiled as many as 49 customer reviews so far at Amazon. The average rating calculated from the entire feedbacks is 3+ stars from the available five. When you have understood the entire mechanisms and been used to the coffee machine, the Delonghi EC270 can never do you any harm. The instruction manual is very easy to understand as well. It would be perfect if the product includes another heater; it only has one that you need to wait for maximum of 2 minutes before the milk steamer warms up. (read more reviews…)

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