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Delonghi ESAM6700

Delonghi ESAM6700
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Our Rating: Delonghi ESAM6700 Rating 3.5 Best Espresso Machine Review The Delonghi ESAM6700 is a high-end coffee machine featuring great capabilities, control panel, brewing settings and more. It is easy to find a coffee
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The Delonghi ESAM6700 is a high-end coffee machine featuring great capabilities, control panel, brewing settings and more. It is easy to find a coffee machine that requires you to pay thousand of dollars, but may be only some that meet your requirements. You will need to make some little research, careful inspections, read reviews, and probably taste the quality. The Delonghi ESAM6700 is an automatic coffee machine featuring plenty of beneficial adjustments and is durable as well. Not only the device is able to produce espresso, cappuccino and many other types thinkable, but also the device is very easy to use. Therefore, bringing the strength of the coffee as your personal preference is as easy as piece of cake. Completing all the functions, the Delonghi ESAM6700 is very durable.


Delonghi ESAM6700 Easy to Use

ESAM6700From the outside, the Delonghi ESAM6700 is wrapped with silver steel polish; the colors and appearance seems to represent the next generation of coffee machine with all the modern touch. The dimensions are 16.8-inch x 11.1-inch x 14.8-inch; it weighs around 29.8 pounds. One of the most interesting additions equipped in the device is the LCD screen with blue backlight; the words and numbers displayed bring sporty accents.

Delonghi ESAM6700 is a full automatic coffee machine featuring touch screen control to begin the entire operation. In almost all cases, there are only three external materials necessary to make any type of coffee, which are coffee ground/bean, water and milk; of course, they may come with different profiles and specifications. When all the necessary items have been included, the user will only need to make some adjustments before allowing the machine do the work. Simply choose from latte, cappuccino, or any other types and start brewing by a slight touch on the screen. Milk container is included; once it is slid, the brewing process is carried on. Moreover, the grind, brew, and froth will be finished within seconds.

Delonghi ESAM6700 Control Panel

However, you may not familiar with the exclusion of some buttons or knobs usually attached on any coffee machine model. Of course, they are not included in the ESAM6700; all the necessary functions will be accessible from the touch-screen control panel. A sophisticated mechanism has replaced the needs for any manual controls such as buttons and knobs; the entire processes are done with only a slight touch. Indicators, lights, names, and icons are very well provided through the screen. The process in progress will be shown clearly with the interesting blue backlight; times and status of the work will be informed on the screen. Delonghi ESAM6700 is pre-loaded with some settings and functionality; even if you need to make some adjustments, the control panel has facilitated it.

Delonghi ESAM6700 Features and Specifications

  • Prepares and makes anything almost instantly
  • No manual knobs and normal buttons
  • Durable and stylish coffee machine
  • Different coffee strength, temperature, and other optional features are accessible
  • Pre-loaded settings; adjustments are allowed
  • LCD touch screen for control panel with blue backlight ; easy to read
  • Coffee strength and cup size are adjustable
  • Clean button

Delonghi ESAM6700 Customer Reviews and Scores

The Delonghi ESAM6700 has compiled as many as five customer reviews so far at Amazon. The average rating from the entire feedbacks is 3+ stars from the available five to vote. All functions are working perfectly, the settings, control panel, cup size adjustments and so on. The modern things are very well delivered with the color and the control panel display. With simple adjustments, cups of coffee will be delivered in seconds. Unfortunately, the coffee machine produces loud noise; if you can accommodate the noise perfectly, the Delonghi ESAM6700 will be like a robot coffee maker. (read more reviews…)

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