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Delonghi Lattissima

Delonghi Lattissima
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Our Rating: Delonghi Lattissima Rating 4 Best Espresso Machine Review The Delonghi Lattissima is another proud presentation from the company; designed and marketed at relatively friendly price tag, the coffee machine seems to have
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The Delonghi Lattissima is another proud presentation from the company; designed and marketed at relatively friendly price tag, the coffee machine seems to have overcome the challenges. Lattissima model is made in two different finishes, which are white and silver. The dimensions stretch at 20cm x 26cm x 34cm; it weighs around 5 kg. The design is very simple; it is almost a square box with coffee making functions. Nevertheless, you cannot judge the quality simply by watching the device in its sleep; you must turn on, and play some coffee grounds with it to figure out the real capabilities.


Delonghi Lattissima Milk container

Delonghi Lattissima EN660.ROne thing for sure from the Delonghi Lattissima; it is a capsule-based coffee machine designed with friendly appearance and operation. One of the most distinguishable features from the Delonghi Lattissima is the ability to create cappuccino using fresh milk. The coffee machine has already provided a platform in which you can insert 500ml bottle; you can easily remove the container for refilling for storing. You should notice that the nozzle included in the device is extendible if you think it is necessary to add frothed milk to cover the surface of the drink. Unfortunately, the container does not seal the milk completely. It can cause a problem with the milk after some days stored in the fridge. Perhaps, you need to clean it out frequently to ensure the quality. However, the fresh milk is always better in many ways, when it is indeed fresh. The coffee resulted from the brewing process will be covered not with just ordinary frothed milk, but frothed fresh milk; a nice addition since most capsule-based coffee machine do not posses such feature.

Delonghi Lattissima well designed

Although from the outside the design is very simple, it hides some great functions inside. It seems that the simplicity is a very nice selling point from the device. Users will be provided with plenty of options to choose the different coffee flavors depending on their own preferences. If you are one of those who need to try any different taste anytime necessary, this unit is perfect coffee machine for you. With plenty of automatic operation, the Delonghi Lattissima delivers not only great-looking design, but also it has great deals of functionality.

You will need to look at the appliance at least once in your life; the coffee machine will be star in your counter top. Delonghi Lattissima is as well very easy to use, no hassle at all. Another nice feature included is the availability of options to choose the different amount of water in use, coffee ground, also foam to be processed.

Delonghi Lattissima Features and Specifications

  • Capsule-based coffee machine; very easy to use especially with Single Touch system
  • Slide the milk container and the process is rolling right away
  • Illuminated control panel; versatile with two different coffee options
  • Double boiler; produces espresso and cappuccino almost in one time
  • Two different colors available; silver and white
  • Fresh milk allowed

Delonghi Lattissima Customer Reviews and Scores

Delonghi Lattissima has compiled as many as 17 customer reviews so far at Amazon. The average rating calculated from the entire feedback is four stars from the available five. The Delonghi Lattissima seems to be manufactured for any casual coffee lover with interesting design and is completely easy to use. The automation brewing process allows users to go for hot and delicious cups of coffee every morning very quickly. Different choices are as well available from espresso, cappuccino to many other types of coffee. Another one should be highlighted is that this model does not ask too much money. If you are one who keeps coming for great quality coffee everyday, the Delonghi Lattissima can be the best investment you will ever make. The only downside exists for those who seldom come to enjoy great coffee at expensive café, but for those who frequently visit such place, Delonghi Lattissima is always a great purchase. (read more reviews…)

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