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Gaggia Achille

Gaggia Achille
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Our Rating: Gaggia Achille Rating 3 Best Espresso Machine Review The Gaggia Achille will bring you back to the age when coffee is at the golden victory years of espresso. The coffee machine is
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The Gaggia Achille will bring you back to the age when coffee is at the golden victory years of espresso. The coffee machine is built to resemble to the old-fashioned espresso makers, but the capabilities is nothing but modernisms. Indeed, the Gaggia Achille seems to be the vintage types of coffee maker; however, anything equipped inside to produce the mechanism should be regarded as the new standards. No body will say that the old-style is outdated; in many ways, such an outdated-looking appliance represents the future. Stainless steel materials, water reservoir, and cylinder-shaped body never fail to bring all coffee lovers impressed.


Gaggia Achille Lever-Operated

Gaggia 11400Lever-operated espresso machine is the promise. Gaggia Achille does not represent any modern mechanism in the appearance; one thing that will surely grab the attention is the long lever part. With simple pulling the lever up and down in the perfect time, the intention of creating great espresso shots will never turn into failure. At the first time the lever is raised, the water under pressure will infuse the coffee; at the second time the lever is lowered, the water will go through the coffee directly to the cups. Overall, the mechanism of the lever brings back to the vintage world of coffee brewing process; however, the Gaggia Achille is made with modern manufacturing process to simplify all the sophisticated procedures into user-friendly controls while the machine maintains the quality. One thing for sure is that everyone visiting your place will be impressed of how skillful you are; the seemingly simple and old school processing can produce such amazing cups of espressos. The package also includes tamper and two filter baskets.

Gaggia Achille Parts

Of course, the lever mechanism is not the only thing that Gaggia Achille offers. Some important parts included in the machine include steamer, filter holder, and more. The steamer from Gaggia Achille swivels. It does not necessarily mean that the only feature is swiveling, but the speed in producing great frothed milk is outstanding. The filter holder is made of chromed brass, commercial-grade. Such unit from Gaggia with that specification is able to deliver the aroma from the real espresso of Italy, a country with strong coffee culture. Besides the filter holder, Gaggia Achille is as well equipped with two special filters with which you can make either coffee pods or ground coffee.

Gaggia Achille Features and Specifications

  • Lever-operated espresso machine
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Removable water tank; capacity 28 ounces
  • Chrome-plated brass portafilter
  • Double/single shot
  • Old-fashioned looking coffee machine
  • Product dimensions are 17 4/5-inch x 9 2/3-inch x 21 4/5-inch
  • Attached with 1-year warranty

Gaggia Achille Customer Reviews and Scores

The Gaggia Achille has compiled as many as seven customer reviews so far at Amazon. The average rating calculated from the entire feedbacks is three stars from the available five to vote. Gaggia is a well know company originated in Italy since 1948. The founder of the company is named similar to the machine discussed above with the opposite order, Achille Gaggia. The Italian coffee culture is probably the strongest all over the world. Of course, we know some other countries that produce and enjoy coffee probably as much. However, Italy is the country where espresso seems to be the best joy for everyone. Until now, all products of Gaggia are manufactured in Milan; the quality of the materials and the result are no longer questionable. In a country where coffee is necessity, a good coffee machine brand is surely great in many ways. Actually, Gaggia Achille seems to deliver everything as it says; the mechanism, appearance and the result are satisfying. Even a customer said that the quality of the espresso shots are the best he has ever tasted. However, the downside comes from the customer service that seems to be uncountable. The complaining, service, and repairs are never considered significant. (read more reviews…)

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