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Gaggia Evolution Review

Gaggia Evolution Review
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Our Rating: Gaggia Evolution Review Rating 3.5 Best Espresso Machine Review Now, are you ready to read Gaggia Evolution review? The Gaggia Evolution is a stylish and sleek coffee maker equipped with plenty of features.
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Now, are you ready to read Gaggia Evolution review? The Gaggia Evolution is a stylish and sleek coffee maker equipped with plenty of features. Body is build from chosen materials only to deliver durability, sturdy construction, and treatments to the eyes. Not only that the coffee machine is designed to bring nice appearance, but the company also offers great ranges of functions to make your espresso seems to get closer to perfection. With user-friendly controls and large space for large cups, Gaggia Evolution will determine the new standards in the lines of products of coffee machines. The simple looking appliance brings stainless steel filter basket, 44 ounces water reservoir, coffee tamper and more features to help coffee lovers get their best espresso shots every morning almost instantly. Non-complicated controls to bring sophisticated processing in the purpose of serving cups after cups of espresso for the coffee lovers, this Gaggia Evolution review will discuss some essential things to be highlighted from the machine.


Gaggia Evolution Review on Heating Element

The sturdy construction, stylish appearance, and the friendly controls are on the outside. Inside, the machine is equipped with the best elements to produce best espresso shots. One of the most interesting equipments is the dual boiler element; it means that the priming process will no longer time consuming. Many times, heating process is one thing that stands in the way to produce great espresso shots. Although users can force the machine to work when the heating process is in progress, the results will not as good as they can get. Temperature level is a very important factor that affects the entire mechanism of the brewing process. If the machine failed to reach the perfect level at the time brewing begins, the result would be disappointing. With Gaggia Evolution Home Espresso Cappuccino Machine 16100, such awful thing is far from happening. The machine is equipped with rubber mount; any shaking that will disrupt the mechanism has been eliminated from related factors.

Gaggia Evolution Espresso MachineGaggia Evolution Review on Water Reservoir

The Gaggia Evolution Home Espresso Cappuccino Machine 16100 is equipped with 44 ounces water reservoir. Probably the water filter seems to be little low on capacity, but the machine allows users to fill the water even when the brewing process is in progress. It is such a nice advancement from the company; it allows users to let the machine do the job while you are preparing another thing. Simply slide the water reservoir to the left side and you can fill the water as usual. There is no hassle in this operation; everything is a breeze.

Valuable to mention in this Gaggia Evolution review that the unit is very easy to use. Each button represents a different function allows the users to know what a particular button will do to the machine. One button is available to produce steam, another to warm up, and one more to draw a shot. Probably, users will have to press the steam button for some seconds until certain amount is reached.

Gaggia Evolution Review on Features and Specifications

  • Two stainless steel filter basket
  • Stylish coffee machine with user-friendly interface
  • Dual heating elements; 55-watt pump: they produce outstanding heating up speed
  • 44 ounces water reservoir: simple refilling procedure even when the machine works
  • Coffee tamper
  • The package includes measuring scoop
  • Product dimensions are 13 2/5-inch x 8 2/3-inch x 10 3/5-inch

Gaggia Evolution Review Customer Reviews and Scores

From Gaggia Evolution Review on Amazon, we can know that this machine compiled as many as 39 customer reviews so far at Amazon. The average rating calculated from the entire feedbacks available is 3+ stars from five to vote. Of course, the machine’s first selling point is the appearance; however, once the buyer realizes the capabilities that it offers, the actual impression is made. The only downside found on this machine is that the water tank seems a little low on capacity, as mentioned. (read more Gaggia Evolution review…)

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