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Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker

Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker
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Our Rating: Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker Rating 3 Best Espresso Machine Review Coffee is just a single word that could be so familiar for us. It has been known by people through years even by people
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Coffee is just a single word that could be so familiar for us. It has been known by people through years even by people who live in Before Century. Usually, everyone enjoys coffee, why so? Because coffee contains addictive substances that would be lessen our stressful feeling, depression and help us to stay awake if we need to. That’s why people spend lot of time just to enjoy their coffee. This is special for you, those who love coffee Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker comes to ease you in making a good cup of coffee. You could easily make your favorite espresso or latte with this machine and feel the real sensation like the hand-made coffee that you usually drink.


Easier to make coffee with Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker

Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker provides you the simple ways to make café-quality coffee with only push the button. With dimension 13.2 x 10.2 x 13.5 inches and 10.8 pounds weight make this machine very portable and light enough, totally worth it with the high technology in it. You just have to set the machine first, and then you could enjoy your coffee in the very near future. It provides you the much easier way to taste European coffee that made by yourself, now you don’t need to go to café just to drink coffee, you could make your favorite coffee easily in your own home with the same taste and same scent with the café’s, this is what we called the café-quality result.

The Elegant Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker

Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine comes with the very elegant design. With the combination of black and silver colors in which is made it is very attractive and eye-catching. Black symbolizes the sexiness and grey symbolizes the warmness. So, this coffee-maker symbolizes both of the sexiness and the warmness. It is made from the strong and light material, like steel which is supporting the machine to keep elegant but has strong durability. Well, you may think that it is just a coffee-maker machine that the feature is more important than its design. It is just okay, elegant design is such an extra point besides its feature. Imagine if you have a luxurious kitchen set you have to support it with the elegant design of your kitchens’ electronic so your kitchen will look perfect. You may not resist the smart-looked of this coffee-maker machine, not only your gadgets who are being smart, now your electronics are too.

Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker Features and Specification

Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker comes with you with several features and specification as follow:

  • Dimension 13.2 x 10.2 x 13.5 inches
  • 10.8 pounds weight
  • Cafe-quality result
  • Powerful 15-bar Italian pump
  • Simple push-button operation
  • Easy-fill removable reservoir
  • It is very portable
  • Elegant design
  • Lighter than any other coffee-maker machine

Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker Customer Overview and Scores

Overall, Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker is a good coffee-maker machine with the good reputation in its performance in making coffee. It was highly recommended by other people who use the old-machine because this new one is offering so many easiest ways to make a coffee. Make it look simple, as simple as you push the button. It has good features and specification that others don’t have and has the very special design that makes it unique, attractive and eye-catching. Once you have this cool machine, you would easily taste the European coffee in your own home. Sadly, this machine is not as durable as it looks. Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker has just lost 1 star because it couldn’t be that durable as the other smart coffee-maker machine. For the price, it came with the very affordable price and a package if you want to buy other parts, like a steel pitcher and a temper. You only spend less than $70 for one unit of this machine and $85 to get the three of the temper, the pitcher and of course the coffee-maker machine. (read more reviews…)

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