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Jura C5

Jura C5
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Our Rating: Jura C5 Rating 4 Best Espresso Machine Review What is coffee? Well, I think you are crazy or lost your mind if you don’t know the answer. Coffee is such a drink,
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What is coffee? Well, I think you are crazy or lost your mind if you don’t know the answer. Coffee is such a drink, whether served in hot condition or iced condition, it was depends on your taste. They said that if they drink the hot coffee, they will partly forget about their problem. Because people do believe that coffee is the best mate when you need an inspiration. Maybe, because those statement above you want to buy an automatic coffee-maker machine to ease you in providing coffee when you need it. If that so, Jura C5 is the best solution for you.


Jura C5, Best of Automatic Coffee-Maker Machine

Jura C5 ReviewJura C5 is smartly combining the compact design with the friendly-user front-panel control concept, make it easier to enjoy café-quality coffee comfortably and more efficient in your own home. Its commercial-grade conical steel offers six finest settings for any type of coffee bean, from the light to the darkest roasts, while a separate funnel for pre-ground coffee allows for making a no hassle decaf or a flavored coffee drinks. To ensure in having the best quality of coffee, the coffee-maker machine has equipped with a 1450-watt stainless-steel ThermoBlock heating system, a 15-bar high-pressure pump, and the Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System. What makes it delivers freshly ground of coffee to a cylinder as a powder from a grinder when it was optimally compressed. The flavor released because there was prior to brewing, when the powder receives the water moisture which allows the pores to be swelled. From here, automatically an aromatic and flavorful coffee and with a thick layer of cream on top dispense into a cup. After that, you could enjoy your café-quality coffee.

Jura C5 Only Need 60 Seconds

Do you believe when I said within 60 seconds you could make a café-quality coffee? When you think it is impossible, you are totally wrong. With Jura C5, you only need 60 seconds to make a café-quality coffee with the best aromatic and flavor that could be made by a coffee maker. How come? It features an illuminated Rotary Dial for a whole range of coffee specialties using a single control. It has so many smart features that could make anything is impossible in making coffee. You can get your coffee such as cappuccino, mocha latte, vanilla latte, original cream and etc with only 60 seconds and push the control buttons.

Jura C5 Features and Specification

  • Product’s dimension: 15 x 11.5 x 13.5 inches; 20 pounds weight
  • 1450-watt automatic coffee machine with 15-bar pump and stainless-steel ThermoBlock heating system
  • Rotary dial for choosing coffee or espresso
  • 6-setting conical steel burr grinder
  • Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System
  • separate funnel for pre-ground coffee
  • Adjustable-height coffee spout
  • Removable water tank
  • 5-16-gram brewing chamber
  • Built-in memory that permanently stores settings and activities
  • Self-monitoring rinsing
  • Up to eight-hour automatic shut-off for safety and energy savings
  • A bean container with an aroma-preservation cover
  • Clearyl water-filtration system that purifies water and eliminates the need for decalcification

Jura C5 Customer Overview and Scores

If we take a look from its features and specification, we can see that Jura C5 is the very smart coffee-maker machine with the café-quality result. So far, it rated as five stars product and there is no complain about its feature or its performance in making coffee. You have to spend your $700 to get this smart coffee-maker machine. It is totally worth it, remembering once we bought it we could make coffee within 60 seconds, even you do it manually at least you need 2 minutes to make a cup of coffee. Maybe, we only need the initial direction first how to operate Jura C5 properly, because at first it was a little bit confusing how to operate this machine even they have a friendly-user front control-panel. (read more reviews…)

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