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Jura Capresso ENA3

Jura Capresso ENA3
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Our Rating: Jura Capresso ENA3 Rating 3.5 Best Espresso Machine Review Jura Capresso ENA3 is an espresso center which can be used for making other kind of coffee as well. It’s one tool that can
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Jura Capresso ENA3 is an espresso center which can be used for making other kind of coffee as well. It’s one tool that can do many functions. It’s covered with black stylish appearance that suitable for your kitchen. The world has dedicated this espresso machine as one of the slimmest that has only 9.5 inch of wide at the automatic coffee and espresso machine world. With this espresso maker, you can do all including adjusting the strength and the amount of the coffee that suit your taste. You can manage how genuine the taste of your coffee or even choosing the bean itself to suit your requirements. The ENA for the name is actually come from the Greek which means number 1. This means that this espresso center will be your number 1, the first choice that will light up your days with cups of coffee.


Jura Capresso ENA3 – Innovative Zero Energy

The interesting thing about Jura Capresso ENA3 is that you’ll have creative zero energy because it’s attached with the switch that can cause no stand by energy to use. This is the way to save the energy and that to be friendly with the environment. It’s the perfect tool if you feel like enjoying cups of coffee but also saving the energy as well. The switch has the function to turn the espresso center to saving energy mode so that at times you’re not using it regularly, you can save the energy so that the power that being consumed can be reduced.

Jura Capresso ENA3 – Easy Individual Button Operation

Jura ENA3If you feel like you want to have the espresso machine that really easy to use as in the user-friendly for its controller, then this Jura ENA3 is the perfect choice. The easy control is seen by pushing and turning the button as simple as that and then you can enjoy the espresso poured to your cups and feel the different experience while drinking them. To program it is really easy you just need to be intuitive and easy while manage it. At the rear of the fabulous panel, there are buttons that can be maintain and programmed to suit your needs. You can easily navigate the automatic maintenance and the cleaning program with the interactive display and the rotary switch as well. You should know that this Jura is only available in black body that suitable for any kind of kitchen style.

Jura Capresso ENA3 Features and Specifications

  • This Jura Capresso ENA3 has certain features such as the 18 bars of pressure for the espresso machine that wrapped with stainless steel that using the Thermoblock
  • With only one touch of a button you can do all with this espresso machine such as clean, brew, tamp and grind with no more than 60 seconds for the time.
  • Provided with Frother for milk, removable water container, funnel for the pre ground coffee, conical steel burr grinder as well
  • It’s also attached with rotary dial to make it easy for the control button. You can manage the amount, temperature, and the strength too.
  • The size is at 14 x 9 x 17 inches with 2 years limited of the warranty
  • Its weight is at 20 pounds with the shipping weight possible to reach 28 pounds

Jura Capresso ENA3 Customer Reviews and Scores

Most of the customers wrote reviews at the Amazon about Jura Capresso ENA3 are giving it 5 stars which mean most of them are pretty satisfied with this espresso machine. At first it’s possible that the customers are a bit skeptical because it doesn’t seem look like that great espresso machine with the whole black body. But after trying it and then enjoying making espresso with this machine, the customers realized that it’s a perfect choice to choose this Jura Capresso ENA3. (read more reviews…)

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