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Jura ENA5

Jura ENA5
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Our Rating: Jura ENA5 Rating 4 Best Espresso Machine Review This Jura ENA5 is the shape of the automatic espresso and coffee center which actually the slimmest that exist in the field of the
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This Jura ENA5 is the shape of the automatic espresso and coffee center which actually the slimmest that exist in the field of the espresso machine. The wide of it is only 9.5 inch. You’ll get the whole package of adjusting the strength of your coffee, choose the genuine flavor that will suit your taste, and then you can choose the materials for the coffee itself all in one unit. Like any other ENA series, this is also using the energy save mode to keep your energy consumption at low level. So when the times you’re not using this machine too often, you’ll be able to reduce its effort to use the energy. You’re saving the environment as well by not using too much electricity.


Jura ENA5 – Different Appearance

Jura Capresso ENA5The one thing that makes this Jura ENA5 is different, is the appearances that using the side panels of coffee cherry with red and the platinum look for the top and front panels. If you need something bright and with outstanding look for your kitchen or your office pantry, this espresso center is a good one. This machine can be considered as a good one when seeing the brand. The things that liked by the users are the easiness to use it, and the perfect pressure while brewing good coffee and espresso. You can adjust the perfect settings and with the high quality beans that you used, you’ll get a cup of coffee or espresso that has the same quality as the manual machine has. If the automatic can do the same like the manual, why should you choose the manual that takes more times.

Jura ENA5 – Easy with Basic Programs

If you’re one of them that seek for simplicity in creating great taste of coffee, then this Jura ENA5 is a good one. It has the basic setting that can give you one default setting for making the coffee or espresso suitable with your needs. You can also get other settings if sometime you might get boring such as the strength of the coffee whether mild or normal, strong as in the amount, grinder settings and the water output as well. It’s also provided with the system of the FrothXpress which give the ability to create more than one drink that can be look even interesting than the regular setting.

Jura ENA5 Features and Specifications

  • This Jura ENA5 has the best features such as the funnel that separated to place the pre-ground coffee, 5 settings for the conical steel burr grinder to make it easy to adjust.
  • Adjustments for the two to one cup of preparation including the height and the rotating.
  • The display has multicolor and interactive as well
  • Frothing system with the FrothXpress milk
  • The shipping weight can be up to 28 pounds with the size of the unit is at 14 x 9 x 17 inches while the weight is only 20 pounds
  • To heighten the flavor, it’s provided with the substances detrimental, and the ClarisPlus water filter to reduce the scale deposit and the heavy metal as well.

Jura ENA5 Customer Reviews and Scores

Some of the reviewers at the Amazon about Jura ENA5 are giving 5 stars, the other is giving 4 stars and then there are some that also giving 1 star. This is the matter of taste I guess. It’s obviously some people are satisfied and some don’t. But above all, the whole customers said that the machine is quite good. They definitely can have the high quality coffee time but without too much satisfied feeling. But it’s still okay remembering the brand is quite good. The auto self rinse and cleaning is actually most liked by the customers that using Jura ENA5.

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