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Jura Impressa J6

Jura Impressa J6
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Our Rating: Jura Impressa J6 Rating 4.5 Best Espresso Machine Review This Jura Impressa J6 is a great automatic espresso and coffee maker that suitable with any kind of places because it’s wrapped with black
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This Jura Impressa J6 is a great automatic espresso and coffee maker that suitable with any kind of places because it’s wrapped with black appearance. Seriously who would think that black is not good in any kind of place. Since it has neutral color and stylish as well, I’m sure that this espresso maker is good to go with any style of a place. It was just about the appearance, but above all it’s the fusion of art from functions and appearance. This coffee maker is the great result from the mix of rare workmanship, high quality and rich color materials with modern style as well. There’s statement that can make the visual so bold, sophisticated and elegant as well.


Jura Impressa J6 – Great Enjoyment for Any Kind of Coffee

Jura J6You’ll be satisfied with the great enjoyment that offered by Jura Impressa J6, because you’ll be able to enjoy many kind of coffee such as latte macchiato, cappuccino, Cafe Au Lait, espresso, Ristretto and many popular kind of coffee. You might be wondering how the machine can actually wrapped them all with perfect way, but it’s actually very simple as simple as one push of a button. This is due to its creative operating systems made only for this coffee maker. It’s using the spotlight, illumination system for the integrated cup to make the coffee. With this machine, you can get the perfect result with any kind of cup which will fit if you adjust the width, the height and any measurement for the coffee that you’re going to serve.

Jura Impressa J6 – The Easiness of the Connector System

Being easy is the one that offered by Jura Impressa J6. Thus it has the system of the connector to let you use the FrothXpress of the system which will give the part of the standard equipment to let you get the result of perfect kind of coffee. The coffee is in any kind of shape such as the warm milk or even with milky foam. The system is also provided with double Frother plus which can be selected based on your requirements, jet system for the water, or even the hot water nozzle for such smooth operation.

Jura Impressa J6 Features and Specifications

  • The features of the Jura Impressa J6 are including the fast process that only end in not more than 60 seconds including the brew, tamp, and grind the espresso and coffee with automatic system
  • Provided with Thermoblock system with steel line, 1450 watt of stainless steel, 15 bar pump, the built in 6 setting of conical burr grinder.
  • Attached with LED display, 11 selections of programming, 6 buttons for pre programmed beverages, with the automatic and the manual Frothers
  • 71 ounce of water tank which can be removed, water filter, double coffee spouts, the funnel of pre ground coffee, 9 ounce of capacity for the bean container.
  • Provided with 2 years of limited warranty, and with the size of 13 ¼ inches or 13.5 x 11.2 x 17 inches with the weight of the shipping weight at 36 pounds.

Jura Impressa J6 Customer Reviews and Scores

Most of the writers for the reviews at Amazon about Jura Impressa J6 gave this amazing coffee maker for 5 stars. Well, some of them gave 4 stars but you can still think that they definitely feel satisfied with the espresso maker. The price is definitely high but they said that it’s worth it since the services are much more than they had been expected. So, honestly, they don’t mind about the price that after all they still can get best deal at the Amazon with few discounts. They have been satisfied because the set up is pretty much easy and that the pieces and the parts are always complete based on the customers’ reports. This is definitely the benefit of purchasing Jura Impressa J6. (read more reviews…)

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