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Jura J5

Jura J5
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Our Rating: Jura J5 Rating 4 Best Espresso Machine Review The Jura J5 is using the espresso center with automatic coffee maker and the appearance is wrapped with matte black suitable for any style
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The Jura J5 is using the espresso center with automatic coffee maker and the appearance is wrapped with matte black suitable for any style of places. You can fit it in your office pantry or your kitchen definitely. You’ll get the aesthetic great of art if you choosing this espresso maker with the elegant aspects, clean lines and the smooth operation as well. Since the coffee maker is stylish, I know that you’re going to love the way it’s being described. It has the perfect contrast when combining the back and side panels with matte black using the glossy matte. There’s a taste of chrome accents combined with the top and front of very rich platinum metallic as the great finishing. Those are the new conveniences that come only from the appearance. Now you can imagine how the functions will be so great.


Jura J5 – The New Level of Convenience

Jura Impressa J5If you think of taking the Jura J5 then you’ll get the new level of convenience while enjoying making coffee. This is related with the full control in creating great result of the steam and the coffee itself with the rotary dial that really very easy to use. You’ll get the 11 different of programming options when you’re entering the integrated rotary buttons that have been mentioned before. The whole settings and the functions can be communicated through the available LED display. There’s also the system that has the ability to make the flow of the coffee even shorter using the technology of the new Ceramic valve. The system is involving the hotter temperature to create more Crema in your cup of coffee.

Jura J5 – Best High Pressure Brewed Coffee

If you’ve been looking for the best high pressure brewed coffee, then you’ll get it when you’re using the Jura J5. This is also applied for any other kind of coffee such as the cappuccino, latte, and espresso. This espresso maker also has the function to create bigger range of cup sizes using the butterfly designs such as the double coffee design for coffee spout involving the out and in or moving up and down the unit. You should know that even tea can be prepared here. The hotter Cafe Americano is also possible to make here using the rare triple temperature of exclusive settings. The strength is using the 18 bar pump that when combined with the fast heating system wrapped with stainless steel will give the great result of large amount of cups of coffee without extra time.

Jura J5 Features and Specifications

  • The great features of Jura J5 are including the system of 2 kinds of Frothers, conical burr grinder with 6 different settings, and water tank which can be removed.
  • Provided with LCD display, 11 programming selection, 6 beverage kind of buttons, 2 steps of pre-infusion cycle and 1450 watt of Thermoblock system for heating.
  • This automatic espresso and coffee is using the strength of 18 bar pump.
  • The size of the unit is at 13 ¼ x 11 x 16 ½ inches with 1 year of limited warranty
  • The measurements of the whole unit is at 20 x 22.8 x 16.5 inches with the weight of 24 pounds
  • Meanwhile the shipping weight can reach the weight of 37 pounds.

Jura J5 Customer Reviews and Scores

The stars that rated by the reviewers that wrote this Jura J5 reviews are including the 5 stars, 4 stars and even 2 stars. Above all the customers are okay with this espresso machine because it’s the matter of taste. When there are 4 and 5 stars written, it means that the machine is pretty much satisfying. It’s a good tool to create great taste of espresso and many kind of coffee with Jura J5. (read more reviews…)

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