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Jura J9

Jura J9
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Our Rating: Jura J9 Rating 4 Best Espresso Machine Review This Jura J9 is the coffee maker which is using the technology of one touch TFT. It’s the kind of operating system that can’t
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This Jura J9 is the coffee maker which is using the technology of one touch TFT. It’s the kind of operating system that can’t be owned by other coffee machine because it has been patented. The system of the operating concept is very different that it becomes quite easy by using the Rotary buttons to control the kind of coffee that you desire. The process of controlling is as easy as pressing the button, savor the taste and then sit back and relax. The one touch automatic coffee can actually making the preparation with the whole range that actually came from many kind of coffee. The kinds of coffee are including the Ristretto, latte macchiato and many more that you can enjoy. The interesting thing is that you don’t need to move the cup.


Jura J9 – Using the Technology of TFT

Jura J9 One Touch TFT Coffee MachineThe TFT of the Jura J9 is the technology that using the thin film as the operating concept which will then be the standard for the coffee maker. The process is pretty easy that you can easily turn the Rotary switch with the list of exclusive coffee that finally becomes the result of the modern TFT that easily can be shown. The only thing you need to do is to process by pressing the button and in the end you’ll be instantly drinking the coffee with the taste that had been set by your own requirements. It’s also provided with the finest foam of technology. This technology is to create feather light balance while creating a great milk foam quality. It’s one of the great developments made by the Jura’s company. With certain custom of scale, the coffee spout can be adjusted for the cappuccino, and the latte macchiato height.

Jura J9 – Perfect Tool for the Perfect Drink

With Jura J9 you’ll be able to create the perfect drinks because this espresso maker is the perfect tool for it. This will apply both for the latte macchiato and the small espresso that you’ve been made. The level of the coffee in the glass is possible to reach the 6 inch tall. The appearance is definitely suitable for any kind of place such as looking brilliant with silver lacquer, along with the high quality double coat of metallic which will look brilliant with the previous accent. The stylish is including the whole complement of the beauty from the design including the rear part, side and top of it that wrapped with white aluminum to make it look stylish.

Jura J9 Features and Specifications

  • The great features of the Jura J9 are including the energy save mode, Descaling program, cleaning and integrated rinsing
  • Like another espresso maker, it’s also provided with Thermoblock heating system
  • The strength is using 15 bar of pump with high performance of function
  • It’s also provided with the multi level conical burr grinder
  • The size of the unit is at 13.2 x 11 x 16.5 inches with the weight of 24 pounds meanwhile the shipping weight can reach up to 36 pounds

Jura J9 Customer Reviews and Scores

The reviewers of the Jura J9 in the Amazon are giving this espresso machine with variety of 5 to 1 star. This means that the espresso machine is not wholly grabbed the demand of the people that some of them still feel unsatisfied with it. But above all the whole features are great and pretty useful with the stylish appearance as well. The good thing about this espresso machine is that it’s truly making great coffee, can adjust the temperature, size and the strength of the coffee, and it has feature for energy saving. This is the most wanted feature that searched by the customers, because at the time they’re not really into coffee, they can still save the energy and saving the environment as well without consuming too much energy. It’s the benefit of using Jura J9. (read more reviews…)

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