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Jura S9

Jura S9
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Our Rating: Jura S9 Rating 3.5 Best Espresso Machine Review Jura S9 is the main pleasure to make the best espresso and coffee that you can get by yourself. It’s a tool with one
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Jura S9 is the main pleasure to make the best espresso and coffee that you can get by yourself. It’s a tool with one touch center made of platinum. Name them any kind of coffee that you like to have from latte macchiato with a bit of cream, sharp Ristretto, or the short, any kind that you wish you can get with only one touch of a button. It’s definitely state of the art in making delicious taste of coffee. The intelligent of the electronics is that you can get anytime you like while enjoying your favorite cup of coffee. Choose the best coffee beans that you like and let Jura do the rest for you. You’ll found that the machine is so easy to use. This is due to its easy-to-use by pushing and turning the Rotary switch.


Jura S9 – with Informing Graphic Display

Jura S9 ReviewThe cool thing about Jura S9 is that it has graphic display to keep you informed about the progress of the coffee maker. You could also see for its maintenance system with this graphic display. This way you’ll know that your coffee center is not only good for making coffee but also to take care of itself. If you think that to maintain this tool is a bit hard, you’re completely wrong. The maintenance program is as easy as to operate it, definitely for the convenience of the users. You don’t need barista to help you with this coffee maker. All the systems are integrated including the way to make sure that there’s spotless hygiene, cleaning and rinsing as simple as one touch of a button. The simple ways can also be seen in the one touch technology to create many kind of coffee such as latte, cafe mocha, Cappuccino with instant easy of one push of a button without displacing the cup.

Jura S9 – Strong with Stainless Steel

In only few seconds, you’ll be able to brews, tamps and grinds like other professional coffee maker with this Jura S9 to create half up to 16 ounces of cup of coffee. It’s covered with insulated stainless steel to keep it strong from any kind of cycle bumps. The stainless steel is applied at its countertop with the capacity of 20 ounce milk container. This stainless steel container has the ability to keep the cold milk at its current state for up to 8 hours straight. This amazing container is placed right next to the machine for easy process. You can make any kind of bean whether they’re dark roasts or even the light ones.

Jura S9 Features and Specifications:

  • 2 years limited of warranty for Jura S9
  • Provided with cup warming platform, graphic display, the systems of double ThermoBlock heating systems, and 18 bars of pumps
  • Coffee funnel with pre ground, conical burr grinder, one touch of a button that can give brews, tamps and grinds
  • Beverage buttons which can be managed consist of 4 buttons for temperature, strength and cup size.
  • 20 ounces of thermal milk container with 1250 watt of instant espresso and coffee center
  • The sizes are at 14 ¾ x 13 ½ x 15 inches
  • The Jura’s measurements are at 13.8 x 13.5 x 15 inches with the weight of 20 pounds
  • Its shipping weight can reach up to 41 pounds.

Jura S9 Customer Reviews and Scores

Most of the customers at Amazon, rated 5 stars for this Jura S9. Let’s say 2 from 3 customers gave good rates of starts. One of the customers have had this S9 for about 5 years and that they said they don’t have any problem since the customer service of the Jura company always ready to help with the answers. With this coffee center, you’ll be able to get the hot espresso from good coffee bean and with a lot of real chreme. It’s the benefit of using Jura S9. (read more reviews…)

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