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Kalorik EXP 25022

Kalorik EXP 25022
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Our Rating: Kalorik EXP 25022 Rating 3.5 Best Espresso Machine Review Kalorik EXP 25022 is another coffee maker product you can choose. The way you start your day is an important factor that might affect
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Kalorik EXP 25022 is another coffee maker product you can choose. The way you start your day is an important factor that might affect your whole day, including your mood. For this reason, it is important for you to make sure that you start your day correctly, with the right meal and beverages. As a matter of fact, what you eat and drink in the morning matters much in creating your mood for the whole day. One beverage you should not forget to have in the morning, in order to have a good mood and spirit for the whole day, is coffee. To have a cup of coffee, you can either buy in a downtown store or make it by yourself. Especially if you want to enjoy having a cup of coffee with your family, you had better make the coffee by yourself.


Technical Detail of Kalorik EXP 25022

There is this kitchen appliance that you need if you want to make coffees for your family: a coffee maker. Nowadays, there are lots of coffee maker, with various brands, models, and features, you can find out there. One of the coffee maker models is Kalorik EXP 25022 from Kalorik. Here is the specification of this coffee maker.

  • The dimension measurement or size of this coffee maker is 12.5×6.9×2 inches. Compare to other coffee maker of different brands and models, this coffee maker is probably one of the smallest and compact coffee maker around. With such size, this one would make a great choice for houses or apartment with small kitchen.
  • The overall shipping weight is 5 pounds, which means that the product weight is lighter.

Kalorik EXP 25022

Features of Kalorik EXP 25022 Explained

Especially if you have never bought a coffee or espresso maker before, it is better for you to learn more about a product you are about to purchase. And since we are talking about Kalorik EXP 25022 (and we somehow recommend it), you should also learn about its features.

  • One main thing you would like from this espresso maker is the elegant design, particularly its overall black exterior. Most people think that silver-colored coffee maker is more elegant. The truth is, coffee maker with black color exterior is also suitable for kitchen with any theme or style. Another thing about the design (particularly its size) is that it makes a great choice for small-sized kitchen.
  • This coffee maker comes with 3-1/2 bar boiler. This is one feature you would want to have from any coffee maker brands and models. With the 3-1/2 bar boiler, it will be much easier for you to make coffee. So, you basically do not have much time to prepare it.
  • Removable drip tray is another feature Kalorik EXP 25022 comes with. There are two types of drip tray a coffee maker has; they are un-removable and removable. Coffee makers with removable drip trays are more preferable because it will be easier for the users to clean the trays. Besides, removable storage is beneficial when we want to store the coffee maker in the shelves or kitchen cabinet.
  • 1 is equipped with the convenient function switch. The switch here is meant to select the espresso or steam you would like to have. Besides, you can choose off position with this feature. The function switch itself is also easy to operate –in other words, this coffee maker is user-friendly.
  • It comes with steam nozzle. This feature is meant to enable you to make cappuccino. If you like not only coffee, but also other beverages made of coffee; this one makes such great choice.
  • With this coffee or espresso maker, you can make up to four cups of espresso at once. Therefore, this espresso maker is suitable for not only singles, but also families. Besides, you can also make your friends four espresso at once when they visit your house or apartment.

What the Customers Said of Kalorik EXP 25022

As mentioned previously there are lots of things and info to read and learn before shopping for a coffee maker, if this is your first time shopping for it. Another thing to learn about Kalorik EXP 25022, anyway, is some reviews from customers. Customers of reputable online retailers as Amazon gave a rather mixed reviews for this coffee maker –this is why the coffee maker received around four-star rating. Most of them wrote that this coffee maker’s features work well, and thus, they have nothing to complaint. Some of them, however described and complained about few minuses they found when making espresso.

Few Cons, and Whether to Purchase or Not

One flaw customers mostly mentioned is the fact that this espresso maker machine does not have adequate pressure to produce the crema. Besides, this machine does not heat water effectively. In addition, you have to take your budget and your espresso-making needs before really shopping for Kalorik EXP 25022.

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