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KRUPS EA8255001

KRUPS EA8255001
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Our Rating: KRUPS EA8255001 Rating 4 Best Espresso Machine Review KRUPS EA8255001 is another appliance that should be there in your kitchen. Starting a lively day could be so hard sometime, and this is
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KRUPS EA8255001 is another appliance that should be there in your kitchen. Starting a lively day could be so hard sometime, and this is one reason of why we have some beverages and breakfast meal every morning. A cup of coffee, cappuccino, and espresso are some drinks that are usually served in the morning. If having any of the beverages above is your morning ritual, you had better make your own beverage especially if you like to enjoy having a cup of cappuccino or espresso with your family members. If you are going to make your own beverage, you need an espresso or coffee maker. Nowadays, you would not find difficulties in shopping for a machine because there have been many of them.


KRUPS EA8255001 Specification and Technical Detail

When shopping for a coffee or espresso maker, you must take its brands and models into account. One of the preferable brands of machine that we recommend here is KRUPS EA8255001. Below is the technical information of this kitchen appliance:

  • The size and weight of this kitchen appliance shows that it is a compact machine, and thus, it is worth-choosing. The dimension measurement of this espresso maker is 11.5x8x12.5 inches. Most espresso machines, anyway, come with a slightly larger size than this kitchen appliance. The overall weight is 10.4 pounds, making it one of the espresso makers with a standard size. The overall shipping weight, anyway, is 20 pounds –no need to worry, there are lots of online retailers are offering free shipping for this product.
  • KRUPS EA8255001 is available in two colors; they are black and red. With these two color options, you can free to choose whichever espresso machine that matches your kitchen’s decoration or theme. Although actually, these two colors are considered to be neutral colors.
  • This coffee and espresso maker comes with a 15 bar pump. This is one thing you have to find when shopping for a espresso or coffee maker.
  • It also has 60-ounce transparent water tank with the empty water tank detection.
  • Nine ounce capacity transparent bean container is another thing that this kitchen appliance has got. This feature is meant to monitor the bean easily.
  • There are some accessories that go with KRUPS EA8255001, such as aqua filter system –two tablets, anyway, are actually included with the kitchen appliance. About the filter, it is recommended that you change the filter once in two months. This is one way to keep you away from the maintenance cost.
  • Cleaning tablets are other accessories that go with. When owning the aforementioned machine, you should clean the machine regularly.
  • If you are a cappuccino system, the Cleaning Fluids for cappuccino is another accessory you might need.
  • The last accessory you can choose is the auto-cappuccino set.
  • You would like the material of this cappuccino maker, because thanks to it, this machine seems to be durable.

KRUPS EA8255001

Features Equipped in KRUPS EA8255001

Before really shopping for the goods, it is better for you to read more about the features. Here goes.

  • One of the main features this kitchen appliance has got is the design. As mentioned previously, this coffee and espresso machine is compact due to its dimension measurement and size. Besides, it is made of stainless steel, with either red or black casing.
  • KRUPS EA8255001 is such a sophisticated product, mainly because it has got Liquid Crystal Display or LCD for easy monitor. Besides, you can also personalize your own beverage because its selector knob that is easy to use.
  • This kitchen appliance comes with conical burr grinder, which is popular as a high-quality and durable material. Thanks to this feature, you will find your stuffs are durable.
  • A feature in this coffee and espresso machine you would like is the compact thermo-block system. This feature is meant to integrate the heating, pressure, and coffee brewing into a much simpler ways.
  • There is also steam nozzle equipped here in this kitchen appliance.
  • Water filtration is another feature to enjoy from the coffee and espresso maker. This feature is purposed to remove minerals from water, and it will directly produce much delicious tasting coffee.
  • KRUPS EA8255001 is equipped with adjustable dispenser height, in order to keep splashes away.
  • For quick reference, this one comes with integrated service guide for quick inference.

Customers’ Review and Flaws of KRUPS EA8255001

In order to make sure the quality of this coffee and espresso machine, you had better refer from a customers’ review. According to the reviews in reputable online retailers, anyway, this machine does have few flaws to deal with. The first and common flaw is that this product does not have a removable bean container. Besides, you cannot use the preground coffee here because it is not included into the option. Yet overall, customers seem to like this product because they give mostly positive reviews and an almost five-star rating for KRUPS EA8255001.

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