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Our Rating: KRUPS XP2280 Rating 4 Best Espresso Machine Review KRUPS XP2280 is a combination of espresso machine and coffee maker. You get the espresso machine on the left side, while on the right
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KRUPS XP2280 is a combination of espresso machine and coffee maker. You get the espresso machine on the left side, while on the right side you get the coffee machine. There is no doubt; the combination of two machines into one is a great idea. It is not only totally effective, but it is efficient also. Consequently, you do not have to buy two different machines to make espresso and coffee. With this machine, you can make both the espresso and coffee from the same machine. Of course, this will give you with many benefits; including its simplicity and practicality offered from this machine. Moreover, in spite of buying two different machines that will cost so much, you can save much money from this combined machine; it’s one of the benefits that you can get. The performance of this machine is pretty well also. This machine is not only perfect for making espresso, however this machine can be so impressive also for making a coffee. Therefore, the result will of course satisfy your desire for having espresso or coffee.


KRUPS XP2280 Espresso and Coffee Maker Description

This KRUPS XP2280 espresso and coffee maker is made with so many features on it. The features certainly will give easiness and benefit for you. The first feature include is the easy espresso maker. This espresso maker will give the best result in making the espresso. The second feature is the coffee maker. This coffee maker is aimed to make great result of coffee. The automatic system allows you to put timer in making the coffee. The digital indicator on the middle that shows the current time and the program you choose. Do not get hesitated with the buttons. This machine has simple buttons on it. The buttons are signed with understandable sigh also. Therefore, you will understand easily what button you have to push to make espresso or coffee. Of course this easiness will bring benefits for you. it can be said that this excellence is the modern coffee maker must be.


KRUPS XP2280 Steam Wand

This KRUPS XP2280 machine will not only give you the same coffee or espresso for your life. You can make some variations also with this machine; for instance turning the espresso into cappuccino. If you wish to make a cappuccino for your day, then what you have to do is adding steamed milk on the espresso. There is a steam wand on the machine that allows you to steam the milk for your espresso. You can use the steam wand and get the espresso. Do not worry about the result, because the best result of cappuccino is you will only get.

Big Capacity and Programmable KRUPS XP2280 Coffee Maker

Another thing that makes this KRUPS XP2280 espresso and coffee maker impressive is, it can come up with 10 cups capacity. Surely, the capacity of this coffee maker is very big enough to make a coffee for several days. Moreover, the coffee maker is programmable also. So, you can program how much coffee you will need to make your single coffee. Not only practical, this coffee maker is very beneficial also for coffee lovers. The coffee maker is added as well with the warming plate. This warming plate has a purpose to keep your coffee hot for several hours.

How About the Size and the Weight?

Moreover, the dimension of this KRUPS XP2280 espresso and coffee maker is not very large. With only 15 inches on its wide, this espresso and coffee maker machine will not obviously require large space on your kitchen. While the weight of this machine is about 9 kilogram then the weight can be categorized as heavy. But actually, this weight is not so heavy if we consider it more. This is a kind machine that you will not bring anywhere; in other words it is not mobile product, so you have to put it something in spite of bring it. Not only that, this machine gives you two outstanding machines in one. Not only simple, it is very efficient also. Considering to these reasons, it can be concluded that the weight of it is very tolerable. Thus, 9 kilograms of this machine is considered as light.

The KRUPS XP2280 gives an easiness as well to clean it. Therefore, you do not have to be frustrated to clean it after using this machine. Surely, it will make you feel contented. Not only that, you will be contented also with the design. Beside simple, the design of this espresso and coffee maker is so modern. So you will fall in love easily to this machine since the first time.

Espresso and Coffee Maker Best Buy

Overall, with the easiness and effectiveness offered by this espresso and coffee maker, this machine is very suitable for you who like to make your own coffee at your home. Besides combining two machine into one, this product is set already with the steam wand to steam the milk, hot plate to warm the coffee, and also the understandable buttons to operate the machine. So, if really want to make your coffee time worthwhile then it is a good advice to have this KRUPS XP2280.

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