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Our Rating: KRUPS XP5220 Rating 3 Best Espresso Machine Review KRUPS XP5220 is the pump espresso machine that really stylish with black stainless steel cover made for the accurate tamp. If you have your
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KRUPS XP5220 is the pump espresso machine that really stylish with black stainless steel cover made for the accurate tamp. If you have your kitchen with black accents and most of it covered with stainless steel parts, then this espresso machine will suit perfectly for your kitchen. And if you’re the espresso lover, the mix of this espresso machine with your kitchen is definitely the heaven for you. More to that, it definitely very easy to use that you definitely can easily enjoy the coffee bean result like the coffee stores have right at your home. Nothing more can be so tempting than those kinds of thing. Its great features are including the 1400 watt of fast heating Thermoblock and 15 bars of pump.


XP5220KRUPS XP5220– Guarantee of Maximum Temperature Control

The problem of the usual coffee maker is about the way the container can hold the temperature at its current state when the coffee is finished to be made. But with this KRUPS XP5220 you’ll never get that kind of problem because this espresso machine is definitely designed to overcome the temperature control problem. You’ll also get the perfect result of Crema with the technology of high pressure brewing to create ideal extraction for it. There’ll be less DeScaling needed, which means that the lime-scale build up can be avoided. This is due to the technology of the pre-heats for the brewing system that can be done twice and very fast. You can choose any kind, whether the soft pods, ESE pods or even the ground coffee itself.

KRUPS XP5220– with the Whole Kind of Coffee Filter Holder

The interesting thing in the design of the KRUPS XP5220 is that you’ll be provided with the coffee filter holder that can hold almost any kind of coffee bean. This is definitely give you benefit that you don’t need another kind of espresso machine to suit with the other kind of coffee bean. It’s one for all kind of coffee beans. This is definitely worth your money. It’s also very efficient that one click can give up to 2 cups at one time. This is definitely the fastest espresso machine that you can have. There’s also another function of foolproof Precise Tamp system which has the ability to instantly Tamps the coffee ground with balance amount up to the maximum reach.

KRUPS XP5220 Features and Specifications

  • This KRUPS XP5220 is provided with the removable filter tank, 1400 watt of Thermoblock system for heating with the 15 bar pump of espresso machine.
  • With the soft pods, you’ll know that this espresso machine also available for ESE pods, and ground coffee with the all kind of filter holder.
  • The exact foolproof tamp system can have the set for 1 to 2 cups really at one time.
  • There’s system for the mess free cake ejection with the frothing and the brewing applied using the selector knob attached with it.
  • It has the size at 14 2/5 x 10 x 12 3/5 inches with 2 years worldwide of limited warranty
  • The exact measurement is at 11.5 x 9 x 10.3 inches with the weight of 9 pounds
  • Its shipping weight is up to 14 pounds.

KRUPS XP5220 Customer Reviews and Scores

Some of the customers using KRUPS XP5220 rated 5 stars for this espresso machine at the Amazon. Some of them rated 4 stars and even the rest gave only 1 star. It seem that this espresso machine only reach certain kind of customers which has different tastes. This is the proof that this espresso machine is not that ordinary that it made for certain people with certain taste. You can consider this as exclusive. But the most opinions said that this espresso machine has high quality level that can create good foam for the espresso. You’ll get different experience using this KRUPS XP5220. (read more reviews…)

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