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Our Rating: KRUPS XP5280 Rating 3.5 Best Espresso Machine Review KRUPS XP5280 is another detail you would want for your kitchen. Starting a day can be rather difficult and tough sometimes, especially for those
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KRUPS XP5280 is another detail you would want for your kitchen. Starting a day can be rather difficult and tough sometimes, especially for those who have to work all day long. In order to stay spirited (so we can do our job well), there are some boosts we need –one of the boosts here is a cup of coffee every morning. Coffee is indeed a popular beverage all over the world as a beverage to start the day; this beverage is to consume in the morning. You have two options in having a cup of coffee: buying it in a coffee shop or make the coffee by yourself. If you and your family usually have a cup of coffee, it is better for you to make the coffee by yourself –if so, you are going to need a coffee brewer or coffee maker.


KRUPS XP5280: the Specification

Particularly if you have never bought a coffee maker before, you had better learn several things about this coffee maker. Now let us start with the specification or technical detail of KRUPS XP5280.

  • The first thing you will notice from this coffee maker is its dimension measurement or size. This product comes with the size of 9×9.8×11.5 inches. With such dimension, this product can be considered as a small coffee maker in its class. In other words, any size of kitchen you have got, this coffee maker should suit it well.
  • The overall weight is 11.5 pounds –such lightweight character is somehow suitable for its small size. The overall shipping weight, anyway, is 15 pounds.


Features Details of KRUPS XP5280

Besides the specification or technical detail, you should also learn more about the features you can enjoy when making coffee with KRUPS XP5280. Here goes.

  • One thing you are going to like from this coffee maker is its design. Krups has been internationally popular as one of the coffee-maker manufacturers with high-end features and design. The one we are talking about is also one coffee maker product that comes with this quality: it has such stylish design, particularly because of its silver exterior. Therefore, this product will make a beautiful and aesthetic addition for your kitchen.
  • This coffee maker will be shipped in certified frustration-free packaging. This is basically a feature you would want to have when shopping a product online.
  • KRUPS XP5280 comes with 15 bar pump. This feature is meant to ensure the optimum temperature control, in order to have such perfect extraction. This feature also makes sure that the coffee maker delivers faster pre-heating and also resistance to lime-scale buildup.
  • Similar to the previous feature, the thermo block heating is also meant to ensure the optimum temperature control.
  • This coffee maker is equipped with multi directional frothing nozzle. This one is meant to create such delicious coffee products as lattes, cappuccino, or hot milks.
  • Krups’ coffee maker, including this particular model, is easy to clean –and this is what you want for a sophisticated kitchen appliance as a coffee maker.
  • Sources mentioned that all Krups’ coffee maker products including KRUPS XP5280 come with precise tamping system. This feature is meant to compress the coffee ground perfectly. With the perfectly ground coffee, this coffee maker is automatically producing uniform results each time you make coffee.
  • This product is equipped with programmable feature that comes with push button use.
  • The coffee maker is also equipped with removable water tank, which will make it easier for you when cleaning the water tank –or if you want to take the water out from it.
  • Another feature is auto-flow stop system.
  • Universal filter holder that has no mess cake ejection system is another feature this coffee maker has.
  • In addition, this product is compatible with ground coffee and pods as well.

Customers’ Review

If this is your first time shopping for a coffee maker and you want to make sure the quality of KRUPS XP5280, you had better read some reviews from customers. According to customers’ reviews of a reputable online retailer, this coffee maker receives mixed reviews –although most actually have some complaints for this product. A customer mentioned that this coffee maker worked well the first time they bought it –then, some problems occur after sometime using this product.

Few Cons of KRUPS XP5280 to Face

According to the customer’s reviews, it is a little bit longer to make a cup of coffee with this coffee maker. Therefore, make sure you make the coffee sometime before going to work or school. Besides, it will be rather difficult to make coffees (and other products of coffee) after sometime, mainly because of its ability to grind coffee beans. Anyway, if you cannot decide whether to buy this coffee maker or not, you must take some factors into account; they are your budget and your coffee-making necessities. Only after considering these factors, can you decide whether or not to buyKRUPS XP5280.

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