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Melitta MEX1B

Melitta MEX1B
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Our Rating: Melitta MEX1B Rating 3.5 Best Espresso Machine Review Melitta MEX1B is a kitchen appliance you should have if you started to get bored with plain coffee. There are, anyway, some ways you
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Melitta MEX1B is a kitchen appliance you should have if you started to get bored with plain coffee. There are, anyway, some ways you can do to start a day full of spirit and good mood. One best way you can do is by consuming particular foods and beverages –people all over the world might agree that having a cup of coffee is the best way to start a day. However, you will find out someday that a plain cup of coffee is somehow boring; at this point, you have to try other beverages better than coffees. Two of these other beverages are espresso and cappuccino. You do not have to go to downtown coffee shop to have any of these beverages because actually, you can make it by yourself.


Technical Detail/Specification of Melitta MEX1B

Coffee or espresso maker is a kitchen appliance you need to make your own espresso or cappuccino. Nowadays, there have been lots of espresso maker out there, with different brands, models, and features as well. One of the espresso maker models to choose is Melitta MEX1B. Below are the specifications or technical detail of this kitchen appliance.

This espresso maker is predictably larger than other espresso maker brands and models. There is no specific information about the dimension measurement or size of this espresso maker. However, we can refer from the picture previews (accessible in online retailers), and conclude that this kitchen appliance is slightly larger than other espresso makers. Hence, it will be more suitable for large kitchen.

Melitta MEX1B

Features Melitta MEX1B Comes with

Besides technical information or specification, features equipped inside this espresso maker is another thing to learn. Especially if you are about to purchase this kitchen appliance, you have to read the features of Melitta MEX1B below.

  • First thing first, you should know that the large size of this espresso maker is actually a benefit. With its size, you can start your own coffee or espresso shop –because usually larger size means larger quantity of espresso.
  • This espresso maker comes with ‘froth only’ feature –it is adjustable. This feature, according to several sources is one thing that allows you to make either espresso or cappuccino. Therefore, you can make both beverages easier and faster with this appliance.
  • Similar to most top-quality espresso and cappuccino maker, this 1 is also equipped with removable drip tray. That is right; you will find in most espresso makers that they all have this feature. The removable drip tray will mainly make it easier for you to clean the appliance. In other words, you do not have to spend much energy when cleaning for the product –hence, it will suit your busy lifestyle. Besides, this feature will also make it easy for you to store the espresso maker.
  • This coffee maker comes with four-cup calibrated glass carafe. With this feature, you can make several espresso or cappuccino at once. So yes, this one is suitable for families or those who occasionally got friends come over.
  • Melitta MEX1B is made of plastic; of course, it is using high-quality plastic. The material used to make the espresso maker somehow explains its two-pound weight. Therefore, you do not have to worry when carrying or moving this espresso maker from one place to another.
  • Similar to most espresso maker, this one comes with black color exterior.

Customers’ Review and Rating

If you want to make sure the quality of Melitta MEX1B (to make the decision of whether to purchase the espresso maker or not), you had better read some reviews written by customers. You can find these reviews in reputable online retailers as Amazon. According to customers’ review from retailers’ site, anyway, the features of this kitchen appliance work well. A customer, for instance, wrote that making espresso with this appliance is much more affordable than buying espresso or cappuccino from a coffee shop. Besides, the customers also wrote that the overall features of this product are really good. While some customers complimented the product, some other criticized few features of this product. Yet overall, this product receives quite good reception with an almost four-star review.

Minuses of Melitta MEX1B to Deal with

As mentioned previously, there are some flaws of this espresso maker you have to deal with. One of the flaws is that this product might work bad after few months using it –especially the whole-day usage of the machine. Once the machine stopped, it seems to be difficult to fix it. You will also deal with the froth clogging problem. Aside from those problems, everything actually worked just fine. In addition, you have to first make sure that you have enough budgets, and you are okay with the aforementioned minuses or cons. Only after considering this (and feel okay with it), can you order online Melitta MEX1B.

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