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Nespresso C120

Nespresso C120
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Our Rating: Nespresso C120 Rating 4.5 Best Espresso Machine Review This Nespresso C120 is different from the usual espresso maker that it has Aeroccino milk Frother. This means that this espresso maker has different
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This Nespresso C120 is different from the usual espresso maker that it has Aeroccino milk Frother. This means that this espresso maker has different feature with more function you can’t get from other espresso makers. This is also the automatic coffee server for Lungo and espresso which can be programmed. You’ll get the best fusion of simple and quick server of cafe-style coffee beverages, the soothing brew, very easy to use, efficiently practical, designed with retro modern style mix with the ultra urban. The result is the best addition for your kitchen as it fits perfectly for your kitchen, as in appearance and in functions as well. It’s the perfect espresso maker with unique features.


Nespresso C120 – Rare Extraction System Design

The interesting thing about having this Nespresso C120 in your kitchen counter is that you’ll have espresso maker with unique extraction of system design. The unique design appears at the capsules of the coffee that bring great result of ideal espresso at anytime you like. The process happens from the espresso maker gives the sealed capsule in hermetical way to get wet all of the ground coffee which in the end lead to filter the coffee in maximum way. The aroma will be extracted by the 19 bar pump and then gives the solid appearance for the espresso while making sure that the golden Crema is perfectly made. You might hear it several times that the Crema is the delicious creamy layer placed on top of it.

Nespresso C120 – Very Simple to Use

If you’ve been looking for the simple way to use espresso maker with extra features, then this Nespresso C120 is the perfect answer. Simply turn the power switch to “on”, it’s as simple as that to begin with this espresso maker. The rest is like the usual thing you do on self served coffee machine at the stores by put a cup under the liquid outlet, open the lever, put a capsule and then close the lever. The next thing you need to do is pressing the suitable button based on your desired coffee type whether Lungo or espresso button.

Nespresso C120 Features and Specifications

  • The great features of Nespresso C120 are that it has 19 bars of pressure unlike any other espresso maker that usually only have around 15 bars.
  • The size is at 10 x 13 1/3 x 8 inches
  • Provided with water tank with the capacity of 1 liter or 33 ¾ fluid ounce.
  • Energy power save mode definitely great if you feel like saving the environment while enjoying cups of coffee
  • Provided with 19 bars of pressure
  • Attached with folding drip tray so that you’ll be able to handle tall latte macchiato glasses
  • The exact size is at 16.7 x 11.7 x 15.5 inches with the weight of 14.3 pounds
  • The shipping weight can reach up to 17 pounds
  • Provided with certain functions that really useful such as the capsule container, folding cup support, drip tray that really easy to be removed.
  • The package is also included the mini brewing unit, buttons for Lungo and espresso which can be programmed, instant pump refilling and instant flow stop.

Nespresso C120 ReviewNespresso C120 Customer Reviews and Scores

Two of three reviewers of Nespresso C120 gave 5 stars at the Amazon, and that one of them gave 4 stars. This is the proof that the espresso maker is very loved by the users. This espresso maker is the best automatic tool with the price range of 1500 dollars but with great and unique features that don’t need extra maintenance while keep making cups of espresso. Even more than that, the customers agree that this tool is very efficient consider its function that can also be used to make cappuccino and latte with high quality result. It’s the benefit of purchasing Nespresso C120. (read more reviews…)

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