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Pasquini Livietta T2

Pasquini Livietta T2
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Our Rating: Pasquini Livietta T2 Rating 4 Best Espresso Machine Review Pasquini Livietta T2 is an espresso machine with sophisticated performance and design. If you are tired of lever type espresso machine, then this espresso
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Pasquini Livietta T2 is an espresso machine with sophisticated performance and design. If you are tired of lever type espresso machine, then this espresso machine is pretty good for you. not only the design which is very sophisticated, the performance is very amazing too. Moreover, the high quality materials of this espresso maker will guarantee that this machine will be long lasting. Efficiency, effectiveness, and benefits are things that you can find too from this machine. The first benefit you can obviously get is its simplicity. Because of this machine is modern machine, then this espresso machine can be operated easily by pushing the buttons. If you like making espresso, but you need simple step to do it (without pulling the lever) then this machine is so perfect for you. Although this is considered as automatic machine, this machine can make good espresso like the manual one. In the end, what you will get is the satisfaction.


Pasquini Livietta T2: Automatic System

In spite of the lever, this espresso machine is dominated with buttons. of course, this will give automatic system to this machine. Consequently, it makes the process of making espresso easier rather than the manual one. What you have to do to make an espresso is pushing the button, and let this machine do the rest till the espresso done. Although you do not get classical touch of espresso maker, but at least this machine is reliable in making good taste of espresso. Moreover, the buttons are designed to be understood easily. Thus you will not get confused in operating this machine. The design of this machine is pretty good also. Panted in silvery white metal, this Pasquini Livietta T2 espresso maker looks like a retro box. Obviously, it is great design for an espresso maker.

Pasquini Livietta T2

Pasquini Livietta T2: Fast Espresso Maker

Another thing that makes Pasquini Livietta T2 amazing is its ability to heat up fast. So, you only spend for about 6 minutes to make espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes. it is very quick process in making espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes right? Not only that, this machine will make suitable heat for your espresso. So, you will not find your espresso overheated. Moreover, the components inside this machine are pretty amazing too. Therefore, this machine is still durable for years though you have used it many times.

Pasquini Livietta T2: Completed with Foam Maker

This Pasquni Livietta T2 machine is completed also with steamer foam maker. it is purposed to make steamed milk and foam for the espresso. Of course foam is the important thing for espresso, cappuccino, or lattes. So by using this machine, you can make the foam as many as you want. What you to do to make the heap of foam is pushing the button. Beside easy, it is very fast also. So then, making espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes will only spend few times.

Size and Weight

If you are looking for small size espresso maker, then Pasquini Livietta T2 is what you are looking for. It can be said that this espresso machine is quite small. Moreover, it does not need quite large space to be placed. The weight of this espresso maker is quite heavy; the weight is about 10 kilograms. However, this weight is still can be tolerated; regarding to the benefits and great performance that you can get from this espresso maker. With high quality and amazing design from this espresso maker, this weight of course should not be a great problem for you. At least, you still can put this espresso maker in a small counter space, and you do not have to bring it anywhere.

The last benefit that you can find from Pasquini Livietta T2 is its easiness to clean. The easiness you get is not only can be found from operating it, however cleaning this machine is very easy too. Of course this easiness can save a lot of time for clean this espresso machine. Moreover, you do not have to be irritated also while cleaning this espresso maker. Because cleaning this machine is so pretty easy.


In conclusion, there are so many things that you can get from this espresso machine. Not only the design which is very retro, small, and solid, but the materials, the function, and the color is impressive too. it is not only modern, but this espresso maker is sophisticated too. Although the size is rather small, but the performance is very high. Moreover, this machine can make good quality espresso in a few times. Good points that you will find from this espresso machine. So, if you want to find automatic espresso maker with fast and outstanding performance and design, then the best machine for you is Pasquini Livietta T2.

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