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Presso espresso maker

Presso espresso maker
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Our Rating: Presso espresso maker Rating 4.5 Best Espresso Machine Review If you’re the kind of people that enjoy drinking coffee every day without thinking of leaving your habit but also loving the environment, then
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If you’re the kind of people that enjoy drinking coffee every day without thinking of leaving your habit but also loving the environment, then this Presso espresso maker is the best choice. This espresso maker is definitely environmental friendly because it’s not using any kind of electricity at all. You definitely can still loving the environment while enjoying your cup of coffee. All you need to do is just push the lever of this espresso maker to create the coffee. The only energy that you used is by boiling a cup of water in your kettle. You’ll get the whole package which including the instruction guide, fusion of tamper and coffee scoop, 2 cup adapters, Chrome Portafilter, Milk Frother, aluminum presso that can be polished with only using your hand.


Presso espresso maker – User Friendly Choice

Presso Espresso MachineSince the Presso espresso maker is not using any electricity, then it’s definitely user friendly. It’s also very cheap that you can get it with only 100 bucks. Even though you’re going to use it very often, it’s still only 100 bucks, without using the electricity, portable as you can bring it anywhere you like if you happen to be needed to travel somewhere and have the feel like you’re going to make your own cup of coffee rather than buy it at the place that you’ve visited. The instruction guide also taking big role in selling this espresso maker and it’s definitely useful since it’s really easy to read. You’ll be able to use it very good in no time. It has the whole superiority when compared to the usual coffee maker with electricity.

Presso espresso maker – Convenient Type of Coffee Maker

The convenience things using Presso espresso maker is that because it’s operated by hand. This is very convenient for the users and the feeling that made because while using it you know that you’re saving the environment by not using the electricity. The convenience is also appears at its size which is very portable and small. Convenient to be taken inside your backpack or even when using it and that it gives the feeling of you’ll be able to always enjoy your beloved cup of espresso. The only weakness is that the water container is made of plastic and that the quality of your coffee is depend on how you’re using this espresso maker. But surely, your skill is definitely improved when using this kind of espresso maker. You might be as professional the high level barista.

Presso espresso maker Features and Specifications

  • This Presso espresso maker has certain features that surely be lovable for the customers such as its control buttons that definitely user friendly
  • The instruction guide is really simple to understand.
  • It’s also eco-friendly so that you don’t need to worry that you might destruct the environment because it doesn’t need any electricity to have it operated.
  • Since it’s a hand operated machine, so it’s definitely easy to use
  • You can bring this tool for travel as well that it’s definitely very portable
  • If you happen to be having problems with the espresso maker, the company is providing customer service for you that ready to help anytime you need help with this espresso maker.
  • You’ll be able to make coffee any where you can boil water.
  • Very simple to be cleaned,
  • The pressure has 10 bars of strength.
  • The shipping weight reachs the weight of 6 pounds only.

Presso espresso maker Customer Reviews and Scores

Most of the customers using Presso espresso maker said that in the Amazon they rated this espresso maker as 5 stars. This is due to its very easy to use and the functions that definitely think about the environment. More than that, you can improve your skill in creating great taste cup of coffee with this manual espresso maker. It’s the benefit on using Presso espresso maker. (read more reviews…)

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