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Rocket Cellini

Rocket Cellini
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Our Rating: Rocket Cellini Rating 4 Best Espresso Machine Review The Rocket Cellini is a premium-class espresso machine with outstanding parts and mechanism to create the best espresso shots possible. It has plenty of
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The Rocket Cellini is a premium-class espresso machine with outstanding parts and mechanism to create the best espresso shots possible. It has plenty of good technologies inside the robust body; significantly, the espresso machine is using the smart siphon system and SIRAI pressure stat. The thermo siphon system is distinguishable and many ways different from the ordinary pressure regulator. Siphon is using types of pipes in letter U shape to deliver pressure balance. When each either end of the pipes is pressurized, the pressure flows respectively to bring the perfect balance. The SIRAI pressure stat is the regulator used for the boiler system. Precise accuracy of the heat level is for lifetime. Rocket Cellini is actually the latest development of Rocket Espresso, the flagship model. With plenty of improvements and innovative developments attached here and there precisely, the Rocket Cellini seems to deliver what you have always wanted, best espresso shots anytime.


Rocket Cellini Parts

An important part equipped in the product is the E61 Commercial Group head. It is professional-quality equipment made of marine-grade brass. It weighs at 9lbs, nickel-plated and hand-polished. The most essential thing is that the E61 is always hot; therefore, it brews anytime you need without too long waiting. All the equipments that the coffee machine brings are combined and arranged in such a nice design to improve the performance and of course, visual treatment. The pressure-related parts, SIRAI and siphon systems, are essential, but many other parts are not to be disregarded. The steam and valves have been improved with the addition of cool-touch; it prevents the wands from getting too hot; hot water and steam wands will stay in a safe temperature level, it cannot burn your hands. Somehow, the heat level is increased inside the machine; as much as 25% of heat is delivered for the steam power. Another good addition is the swivel-ball mount, which allows the wand to rotate in all directions. Rocket Cellini also has pressure gauge to indicate the readiness of the machine.

Rocket Cellini Appearance

A removable water reservoir is as well equipped as many other coffee machine products; it makes the cleaning up and refilling procedure get easier. The water reservoir holds 2.9 liters; there will be no need to refill and clean up too frequently. As the head is always hot and the water seems to be always available in the tank, Rocket Cellini will brew repeatedly without any hassle. The appearance is old school; it is designed imitating the look and feel of the 1960’s coffee machine. Probably, one thing that makes the Rocket Cellini stand out in the crowd is the 30mm off the ground stance; it is irresistible from the eyes.

Rocket Cellini Features and Specifications

  • SIRAI pressure stat: pressure regulator for boiler system
  • Siphon system: siphon mechanism to regulate the pressure
  • E61 head: nickel-plated, hand-polished
  • The head is always hot: ready to brew anytime
  • 25% steam power added
  • Pressure gauge 68mm
  • Cool-touch
  • Latest development of Rocket Espresso
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Nickel Plated Copper Boiler
  • Large Water Reservoir
  • 15 amp

Rocket Cellini Customer Reviews and Scores

The Rocket Cellini has only compiled one customer review so far at Amazon. The feedback gave four stars of rating from the available five to vote. The machine manages to produce great quality 40 cups of espresso within three hours only. The speed and quality walk hand in hand meaning that the coffee machine produces effectively and quickly without even having to sacrifice the result. The addition of the steam power and pressure regulator as well as the E61 head is very nice after all. They have managed to blend in one machine to produce the nicest espresso shots. The only Rocket Cellini’s downside comes from the steamer; the customer reported that when the steamer was opened all the way, the metal ring bends. Nevertheless, the repair was easy and the machine still works at its peak. (read more reviews…)

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