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Saeco Exprelia

Saeco Exprelia
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Our Rating: Saeco Exprelia Rating5 Best Espresso Machine Review The Saeco Exprelia is the result of continuous development of the company, which was founded more than 25 years ago. The coffee machine is
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The Saeco Exprelia is the result of continuous development of the company, which was founded more than 25 years ago. The coffee machine is always ready to serve your desire to taste a great cup of coffee anytime you want to. With a single press of a button, some cups are there on the table, ready for you to drink. Saeco has established the international reputation as one of the best coffee makers in the world with the great innovations and home-based coffee productions. The company has been dealing in the business since 1981, and in 1985, the first full automatic coffee machine was born. The Saeco Exprelia is a proud presentation with many improvements in many parts including the addition of double boiler and easy beverage choices.

Recently, in 2009 to be exact, Saeco International Group turned itself to become a member of one of the largest electronic manufacturers, Phillips. For your information, Phillips has actually also been known as a leader in coffee appliances. Both companies have merged and the customers will wait for the nicest inventions to be available.


Saeco Exprelia Double Boiler

Saeco Exprelia PhilipsThe double boilers work independently so that the machine is able, almost in the same time, to prepare the perfect cup. The frothed milk as well as the cup of coffee will be available nearly at the same time, once the milk is frothed, so is the coffee done. Another interesting part of the Saeco Exprelia is the milk function feature. Using the mechanism, milk can be processed into the different types depending on the selection chosen. Simply by pushing a button, the milk will be processed respectively, hot or creamy, according to the type of beverage selected. Milk carafe is as well included; fill the compartment and the machine is ready. Especially for the milk processing, the cleaning procedure is a breeze by rinsing cycles, whereas for the overall machine, the cleanliness is easily kept by dismantling the entire parts. Therefore, it does not matter whether Saeco Exprelia is working to make lattes or cappuccinos; everything will be served as demanded. As the boiler works, the strength of the espresso is adjustable; its intensity and crema are made to the users’ desires.

Saeco Exprelia Programmable Coffee Machine

The temperature level, strength, blend and almost all coffee-related features are adjustable. Saeco Exprelia is like a coffee robot that understands different taste and standards; your personal preferences are applied as demanded without any difficulty. As stated above, beverage selection has included the entire necessary processing; with a single press of a button, the machine will do any other adjustments required to bring out the requested result.

Saeco Exprelia Features and Specifications

  • Adjustable espresso intensity, coffee strength, frothing mechanisms, temperature level, etc
  • Produces drinks based on users’ preferences
  • All processes conducted with a single press of a button
  • Double boilers; each works independently
  • Removable parts for easier cleaning
  • Beverage selection
  • Milk carafe is included

Saeco Exprelia Customer Reviews and Scores

The Saeco Exprelia has only compiled as many as one customer review so far at Amazon. The feedback gave the perfect rating of five stars out of five available. The customer feedback at Amazon does not include any downside of the product; that says Saeco Exprelia is built to perfection. The Exprelia is easy to use, clean, and is made to compact design. Philips Saeco has proven that the combination of great coffee machine manufacturers is able to produce such distinguish and perfect tool to help those coffee lovers to invest money in the perfect appliance. Saeco Exprelia has been able to minimize the hassles and difficulties and in the same time improve the quality of the coffee; not only in terms of taste but also in processing. (read more reviews…)

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